Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Brand You Business"…Kalico Featured on!

We're thrilled to be featured on, a website dedicate to highlighting and supporting creative women business owners! Check out the full article here!

Here's some additional info about, straight from the horse's mouth: Interviewher is not for your boyfriend or your husband, instead it’s a galaxy just for women. A galaxy where the Sun, Moon and Stars revolve around us, LADIES! Have fun learning about some fabulous artist studios, food adventures, breathtaking boutiques or even a great little hole in the wall that we’ve discovered and had to share.
We stumbled across just a few weeks ago and loved the playful and informational stories about women entrepreneurs, the variety of tips, the unique product picks, and more! Be sure to check out Kalico's article and let us know what you think. And while you're there, don't miss the other inspiring stories about women start-up business owners all over the country!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And the Award Goes to…

This past weekend was a big time for awards. Never mind the Oscars (although I was happy with Natalie Portman's Best Actress award!), but I'm talking about the ADDYs! The ADDYs is an annual awards competition honoring exemplary advertising and design work. This past Saturday, the AAF-GF (the local chapter of the national American Advertising Federation) celebrated local talent with their ADDY Awards Gala—"Through the Looking Glass". AND…yours truly was awarded with three silver ADDYs—YES!!

Winning awards for our work with the Downtown Frederick Partnership and Find It Frederick magazine, plus for our own self promotion was, well, awesome! (click on the links to view the work) But, what really struck me as special about the evening was the camaraderie and support among the companies in attendance. Sure, we all wanted to win awards, but we were still cheering, hootin' and hollerin', when our colleagues were awarded for their work as well. I was very appreciative of the mutual respect and feel honored to be part of an organization full of so many creative folks!

The AAF-GF member roster consists of many small businesses, including a lot of single business owners like myself. Rather than being tight-throat and competitive, most members of the organization lean on each other for support, guidance and collaborative efforts—it truly is an amazing network of people! So, while I definitely thank my clients for allowing me to work on such fantastic, award-winning projects, I also want to thank all the AAF-GF members who have played a part in helping me get Kalico Design to where it is today. So, THANKS!!

[PS-I would be remiss to forget one other thank you. Apparently I forgot to thank my husband who helped me assemble the Kalico holiday cards as well as encouraged me to enter the Find It Frederick magazine covers, two of my three ADDY award winners. So, Jimmy, THANK YOU, now the whole world knows (or at least the three people reading this blog)]

And to conclude, I leave you with my cheese ball photo, taken right after accepting my first award. I like to title this one "Ode to Dork-ness".