Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're Bloggin', Baby!

Hi! Welcome to Kalico Design's first blog post for Design for Well-Being. My name is Kim and in three days I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of being my own boss and running my very own graphic design studio, Kalico Design! I figured I would give this whole blogging thing a try.

Kalico Design is a graphic design studio located in Frederick, MD (which is less than an hour from Washington, DC). We strive to create a state of well-being for our clients, when it comes to their graphic design needs. We create innovative and thoughtful design solutions, always working with our clients to grasp the big picture. While our client base is diverse, we are most passionate about working with businesses who promote well-being through organic and healthy lifestyles.

Kalico Design's blog will be dedicated to bringing you tips and thoughts regarding design and marketing. In addition, we will also discuss topics related to healthy living. I am very excited to start off the (almost) 2009 year with this new marketing tool, and hope you will find my entries interesting and helpful!

Please also visit our website at www.kalicodesign.com!

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