Friday, July 24, 2009

The Logo Low-Down Series: Tip 6

We have reached our final tip in the Logo Low-Down series. I hope these tips have given you some insight on some of the factors that go into creating a profession, custom logo, as well as how to do your research before hiring a graphic designer. Keep in mind that your logo will be one of your most important business marketing tools! You will use it on all your company marketing and materials, so you really must be sure to have a mark that will represent your company now and in the future. Remember, your logo is extremely important—please hire a professional!

Logo Tip #6: Consistency is Key
Once you have your eye-catching, thoughtful and professionally designed logo—keep it consistent! This is the mark that will start to define your business, one you should use on ALL future marketing materials. Don’t confuse the customer by changing the colors, editing the format, or skewing the dimensions. Keep it easily recognizable by your market by staying consistent with it’s usage.

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