Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a great holiday season! I am very grateful to have been able to take off last week for a little rest, relaxation and refreshing! But, my time off wasn't all tv watching and lounging—I did manage to revamp and update the Kalico website. It now features new works and a more user-friendly portfolio section, as well as highlights some of my social media efforts (such as this blog!) Be sure to check it out!

During my time off, I also created a set of 2010 business and professional resolutions for Kalico Design. I am curious if anyone else did the same—I'd love to hear some of them!

My goals are listed below. I am hoping that over the course of the year, I can use this blog (and your support!) to help me update the status of some of these resolutions, as well as catalog any successes and/or obstacles I may approach along the way.

Kalico Resolutions:

1. Purchase new computer system (Check! My new IMAC just arrived today!)
2. Update Software System (Adobe CS4 & Microsoft Office already ordered!)
3. Research, Explore and Create Twitter account (any advice on this is greatly appreciated)
4. Create Self Promotion campaign (mail 4x throughout year)
5. Send out quarterly newsletter and stay on schedule
6. Participate as exhibitor in 1 tradeshow
7. Hire summer intern (yikes!)
8. Increase Blog traffic by 20% (help me, help me, help me!)
9. Create monthly marketing calendar and stick to it (this is the hardest part!)
10. Set aside at least 2-3 hours per week to focus on Kalico business needs, organization and growth
11. Join another networking group, while continuing existing networking efforts
12. Acquire at least 3-4 new clients in the health/wellness, organic or women-oriented industries

Sheesh! When they're listed like that, it seems like a lot! But, I am committed to putting forth my best efforts to complete these goals, which will improve my business, and, ultimately, improve business for my clients! I am excited for the new year! What are some of your business/professional goals for 2010?

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Sandy said...

There are great resolutions. You may have inspired me to get mine done.