Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loving the Olympics!

So, not only have I loved watching Shaun White, Apolo Ohno, Seth Wescott and all the other fantastic Vancouver Winter Olympians, I've also loved the graphics for the 2010 games(above)! I am loving everything about them, the bright colors, the overlapped textures and patterns, the sense of movement, and the hard-edged styled figures! Has anyone else gotten side-tracked from the racing, spinning, or jumping of the athletes to find themselves admiring the bright fluid graphics in the background!? Is it just me? (Doubtful!) Check out all of this year's Olympic posters here.

In fact, I was so enthusiastic about this year's Olympic graphics that I decided to research and compare it with the graphics of past Olympics. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the full graphics package of some of the older games, BUT i did manage to find a lot of the past, present and future Game emblems (or "logos", in graphic designer speak). Here are some of my favorites. Which one do you like the best?


Lisa Gorham said...

I too have been admiring the graphics. I love the choice of colors and use of movement in the graphics. I also love the Vancouver 2010 logo, an inukshuk made up of 5 slabs, mirroring the 5 Olympic rings, as well as using the Olympic ring colors. Nice touch. What do people think of the medals? said...

I'll admit, I wasn't blown away with the Vancouver logo at first. Thought it was just too blocky and heavy in contrast to the lightness and fluidity of the graphics. BUT, it has started to grow on me, and I'm liking it more each day!

marry said...

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angela said...

This year's graphics are incredible. I really love the look! Thanks for showing the comparison chart for past logos.