Monday, April 26, 2010

Creativity in Practice

I'm so excited to be quoted in "Creativity in Practice", an article in the May issue of How magazine. How is a national magazine dedicated to the creativity and business of graphic design, and it's a publication I've been reading since college — so for me, it's a great honor! The article discusses ways to apply the same creative thinking to your business as you do to your design work. Here's my full quote:

My wicked awesome quote:

My new and exciting way of business development for my one-man-band design studio is to be myself. I know, seems obvious and old-school, but I find a lot of other small design studios are trying to be something they are not. As a soloprenuer who works with small businesses and associations, I’ve found that embracing my small, yet creative business is far better than trying to make me seem larger and more corporate. I am able to get more personal with my clients because they deal directly with me as the creative guru and business owner; they feel more comfortable because they actually get to know me (and as a solo worker, “me” is pretty much the brand of my business); and they respect my advice because I can relate to their small business needs, fears and triumphs. It’s all about really understanding who your clients are. Instead of going to a potential business meeting in a stuffy suit, I usually show up in creative business casual (even jeans on occasion!). I’ve found that this what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude puts clients more at ease and creates a trust-relationship much faster.

If I am able to do a one-to-one in-person meeting with a potential client, showing them my work, but also getting to really understand their business needs, I am usually able to land the job. I don’t treat clients as the next paycheck , but as a business relationship that will grow as time moves on. I’ll admit, I’m pretty new to this self-employed bit, but I am certainly content with both the caliber and amount of work I’ve been lucky to receive. In the two years I’ve been in business I haven’t sent one self-promo out! All jobs have been strictly on a word-of-mouth basis and its definitely working for me!

What do you think? Do you have any additional input or creative ways you run your business?

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sYay, Kim! That's so awesome! Congratulations!