Thursday, August 19, 2010

Graphic Design and Video, Oh Mai!

I am happy to have Whitney Hahn of Digital Bard Video.Web.Marketing doing a guest vlog this week! I had the pleasure of working with Digital Bard on several projects, and I have to say, as a primarily print designer, it is super cool to see your designs transformed into the animated world of video! See below for Whitney's explanation, then scroll down to see the original poster designs for both of the 24/7 Dance productions:

As mentioned in Whitney's video, Kalico Design supplies Digital Bard with the raw file formats, mostly photoshop or illustrator files, and then they work their video magic! Below are the original poster designs for each production:

See! Graphic Designers and Videographers CAN play nice together! If you're interested in video for your next project and or would like to add a video component to your website, please contact Whitney at Digital Bard Video.Web.Marketing!

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