Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've Got BIG News!

So, I've been trying to keep it a secret for the past few weeks (you know, didn't want to jinx anything), but I just can't keep it to myself anymore…Kalico Design is expanding!! I've hired my first full-time employee who starts next week! I CANNNOT WAIT!

As you've seen from some of my previous posts, Kalico Design has been (helluva) busy, especially the past few months. I am thrilled that my client base is expanding and growing, but I was starting to feel some major growing pains. There's only so much a one-woman show can do in a day's worth of time, and I have definitely been feeling the stress and strain. Earlier this year I had reached a business turning point...I knew I wanted (and ultimately had to, for my own sanity) expand, but I also wanted to be sure to do it smartly. It's a scary time as a small business owner! After careful consideration, fretting, number crunching and obsessing, I ultimately reached the decision to hire full time. Now that the initial shock and "scared outta my pants" mentality is (almost) over, I am SO excited!

I'll admit, getting ready to hire your first full-time employee takes a lot of work. I've been busy getting payroll forms filled out, an accountant set up, workers comp taken care of, etc (government forms intimidate me tremendously!). Plus, getting my internal business structure figured flow, time tracking, employee handbooks and expectations, etc. Not to mention purchasing the computer equipment and program's been, well,  A LOT! But, I have a feeling it will all be worth it in the end!

I'll be introducing my new employee next week, but in the meantime, I simply couldn't contain my excitement. I wanted to especially thank all those who have guided and supported me in the process: Clara Winch, CPA for accounting advice, Carmack Insurance Group for business insurance advice, Megan Mullaney of Think Baseline for giving me the confidence I needed to move forward, Louanne Welgoss of LTD Creative (my former boss!) and Whitney Hahn of Digital Bard Video. Web. Marketing. for overall guidance, and, of course my husband and family for overall support! It takes a village, people!


kadydids said...

YAY! Congrats Kim! Proud of you.

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