Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet the Kalico Team

So, you probably already know me (either in person or via the interwebs). I'm Kim, you know, the owner of Kalico Design and writer for this blog. If you want some more info on me, check out my "official" bio on the website.

But, you probably don't know the entire Kalico team quite yet…

Get to Know Jennifer Tyler…graphic designer, paper collector, cat owner extraordinaire! Jen is Kalico Design's very first full-time employee! We are truly excited to have her join the team.
You may remember Jen from last summer when she helped out here as my first intern. Here's a little more info about her:

Jennifer Tyler is  a graduate from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown WV, with a BFA concentrating in graphic design. Upon graduating she moved back to her native state of Oklahoma to be nearer to her family. However, Jen soon realized that Oklahoma no longer offered what it once did and begged her old boss Kim to offer a job. She quickly returned to West Virgina and is now happily working at Kalico as a full time designer. Jennifer is an active member of the design community and is excited about becoming involved in the local AAF, and AIGA chapter events. She enjoys long rides on the river with picnics free of mosquitoes, as well as baking, illustration and paper collecting (we're designers, we like paper).

Before moving to West Virginia, Jennifer was utilizing a culinary arts degree working as a full time baker in her Native state, Oklahoma. She loves being active in the design community, and served as the president of Shepherd University's student chapter of AIGA. Last year Jen helped to organize the first annual AIGA student exhibition displaying a variety of student design work, including her own work which was rewarded with a viewers choice award! Check out some of Jennifer's student work at her website,

I bet you didn't know that there are two additional members of the Kalico team, each playing an important role in the day-to-day activities. Meet our part-timers:

Kai, the Dog: Bill-Collector, Sleeper, Greeter, Foot Warmer.
Kai is a blue-brindle pit bull who graces the floors of the Kalico office. In his free time (aka, when not sleeping during work hours), Kai enjoys long walks in the park, chasing rabbit friends and deer buddies, and singing (howling) along to various tunes. He loves greeting clients with a friendly smile and an occasional lick.

The Cat: Receptionist, Window Watcher, Paper Sorter.
The Cat (C for short) checks in at the Kalico office multiple times throughout the day. Her official role is to answer phones (Kalico Design, Meow can I help you?), but she is often a tad lazy and would rather leave the menial chores to the Humans. In her extensive spare time, she enjoys chatting at birds, chasing strings or paper balls, and exploring boxes. The Cat also "helps" out around the office with her uncanny ability to sit on (um, find) any paperwork you happen to be looking for.

Jen (and "the animals") will be helping me out and I can't be happier (or more relieved!). I've definitely been keeping busy these past few weeks, as is evident in my lack of blogging (sorry!). But, stay tuned for updates on some of our most recent work to come soon!


DesignTime said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen at the last Ad Fed meeting ( I'm old school, I still call it that) and look forward to getting to know her better. Welcome to Frederick, Jen! Another foodie! -C Dapsauski

paperwoman said...

Yay for Kalico! it's great to see another paper collector who is also a designer.