Monday, January 30, 2012

What If…

Last week I attended a Women's Business Lunch at the Frederick Chamber of Commerce. It was wonderful to be in a room full (as in jam-packed full!) of strong, intelligent business women of varying ages, backgrounds and professions! The meeting format was pretty informal, where each attendee got a chance to "Beg, Brag or What If". (I, of course, bragged about Kalico's new office location...i know, i know, I still have to do a post on that and get some photos out!)

But, it was one women's "What If" question that struck me. She posed the question "What if you didn't have to worry about getting paid, and could do any profession you wanted, what would it be?" So…what would it be? At our luncheon, we actually went around the table and everyone got to give their answer. It was great, some of my favorite answers included:
  • Adventure Travel Agent
  • Interior Designer/Decorator
  • Starting abusiness pairing animals with disabled children
  • Opening up a shop selling their own homemade jams and jellies
  • Painter
  • Rock Star
  • And many other great answers!

My answer? I'd be… wait for it… a graphic designer! Honestly, I really love what I do! But, it would be cool to be a graphic designer without any deadlines! LOL! Or, my second choice, maybe to be a writer or blogger, that way I could experience a variety of adventures and activities and share them with everyone!

So, what would your "What If…" answer be? I'd love to hear them, it'll be very inspirational! Please leave your comments below!


DesignTime said...

I'd be a painter, one that was free to produce works that were extensions of my own visions and explorations in life. Too often we have to follow the whims of our clients, and while that in itself is mighty fun and rewarding, it would be nice to get to paint whatever I wanted, knowing that if the paintings were good, they could become my legacy, and perhaps benefit my family in some way after I'm gone.

Meredith Ericksen said...

Good question. I absolutely love being an interior architect...having my own business. But there is the other side of me that would love to be an art in a I museum...planning exhibits, etc. I used to think I would get my PhD and become an art historian...for now I am very happy as entrepreneur-designer.
Cheers! Meredith

Nora Gouma said...

I would be a hoteltester. Ill test hotels all over the world ;-)

Amy said...

Since I am a whale geek, I'd get a delightfully sophisticated camera and the best in underwater housing. I'd learn to scuba dive, and I'd spend my time wandering the world's oceans to see every whale possible. I'd document them and as much of the wonder of the oceans that I could manage.