Monday, March 12, 2012

The Guerrilla in the Room: 7 Key Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Last week I enjoyed a business roundtable discussion through the AAF-Greater Frederick discussing Guerrilla Marketing tactics. First, huge thanks to presenter, and certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Whitney Hahn of Digital Bard as well as to the event sponsor, Flying Dog Brewery!

If you're unfamiliar with the topic, according to their official website Guerrilla Marketing is a "body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. It is a proven method of achieving profits with minimum money." Basically it trains you to think outside the box with your marketing efforts, to think with your creativity, not your wallet. As a small business owner, it is very eye-opening and helpful!

The presentation started with 7 Key Aspects of Guerrilla Marketing. I've outlined for you below and hope they'll help you with your ongoing marketing:

1. Set Goals. Make the goal specific, including a designated time frame and quantifiable outcome.
2. Identify Your Target Audience: Again, the more specific the better. (This doesn't necessarily mean the only audience you will do work with, it means who you will target your marketing to)
3. Define Your Benefits: Know the different between a feature vs. a benefit. It's not what you make what you use to make it, it's why and how does that benefit your client. Always try to see it from the client's perspective.
4. Decide Your Niche: Your niche is partly your targeted audience, and partly how you go about doing what you do. It's your audience AND your process.
5. Use Your Weapons: Guerrilla Marketing identifies several low-cost or no-cost marketing weapons ranging from something as simple as your email signature and/or your voicemail message to more complex things such as your corporate brochure or where a QR code directs to.
6. Identity: This is your entire corporate culture. Who you are, not how you want to be. It's who you are when no one is looking.
8. Set Your Budget: Always be sure to set a budget for yourself. This will keep you from over-spending as well as under-spending. (Under spending means you will be less likely to reach your goals).

If you're interested in learning more about Guerrilla Marketing, feel free to visit their official site at or, contact Whitney Hahn for marketing coaching seminars. Do you have any additional marketing tactics that work for you and your business?

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Whitney Hahn said...

First of all, I don't remember authorizing that photo of me. :)
Second of all, it was a pleasure sharing one of my passions with the AAF-GF Roundtable group.

If you'd like to get a list of the 100 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons that Kim mentioned, just send me an email at