Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Design Find :: allen + roth

We'll be starting a new blog series called Design Find, where will highlight some design and marketing pieces that really catch our eye. It'll be full of everyday pieces—something spotted at a local business, a unique direct mail piece we receive, a sign or billboard that we pass by—pieces that we just happen upon.

Additionally, if you spot a really great piece of graphic design, take a quick photo and either post it to our facebook or twitter pages, or email it to us. Let us know where you spotted it and what it was for, along with your name. If we're impressed too, we'll highlight it on this blog!

So, for our first Design Find

I spotted these allen + roth postcards at our local Lowes while looking for some paint samples. The unique way they highlighted the color sample, along with the fun and inviting black and white photography, made these postcards hard for me to pass up. Additionally, while you can't really tell in the photo, there is also a spot varnish on the color sample, which makes the color really pop. All in all, these allen + roth paint sample postcards were definitely an awesome design find!

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