Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'll Admit It. I'm Stuck!

That's right, I'll be the first to admit it… I am totally stuck! I work with clients all day to design their informational and promotional pieces, but when it comes to creating my own, it's like my brain just quits!

I've been brainstorming a good self promotional idea for Kalico for several months now, and still haven't come up with that "just right" idea. I think my problem is that I am putting too much pressure on this one, single self promotional piece. So much, that the creativity and ideas just shrivel up. Why is it so hard to design for yourself!?

Here's my criteria so far:
1. Has to be fun yet functional. (I don't want to send out something just for the hell of it, I want there to be a meaning and a message behind it!)
2. Has to jive well with my existing brand (duh)
3. Would prefer it to be printed or produced with/by eco-conscious materials and vendors
4. I want that "Wow" factor (it needs to be something that you didn't expect and would want to keep)

Well, at least that's a start, I guess. How to you brainstorm for your own self promotional ideas? Any and all suggestions are appreciated! I'll keep banging my head against a wall and hope that an idea will come soon! And when (or if!) that "just right" idea comes, I'll be sure to post the results!

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