Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Online Marketing Plan

Ok, so most business owners have heard of the importance of a marketing plan. This is where you map out the different types of marketing efforts you'll take part in to promote your business. For me, I actually create a marketing calendar, which highlights what I will do each month to market Kalico Design, as well as what costs are involved. Making the plan is the easy's the sticking-to-it part that's hard!

Recently I have been using more and more social media marketing tactics to promote Kalico. These online marketing tools were not included on my original marketing plan, and most are daily, not monthly, tasks. Luckily, I ran across another talented graphic designers blog post, which focused specifically on devising an online marketing plan. Genius! Thanks Angela at 13thirtyone!

So, here goes. My brand spankin' new online marketing plan and goals:

Goal 1: Spend 2-3 hours per week of online networking. I am going to try my hardest to schedule this in, just like regular client work. This networking can include:
• Updating the Kalico Facebook and Twitter accounts daily
• Brainstorming & Researching ideas for future blog posts weekly
• Commenting on online articles for some of my online networking groups including Savor the Success and Biznik (once per week)

Goal 2: Blog on a Weekly basis. My goal is to keep a balance with my blog posts, including both Kalico office-related News as well as pertinent tips and tricks for clients

Goal 3: Send Kalico eNewsletter out on a quarterly basis. Hmmm, guess this means I'm due for my next newsletter...I better start brainstorming!!

Goal 4: Continue Face-to_face Networking. Ok, so this isn't technically online. But, I find that my face-to-face and online networking tend to overlap. The more people I meet in person, the more people I network with online, and vice versa (for example, after meeting someone at a networking event, I may connect with them through LinkedIn or Facebook to extend and build the relationship). I will attend a weekly BNI (Business Networking International) lunch meeting, and will attend monthly Greater Frederick Advertising Federation (GFAF) educational and social events. I will also continue to look for other face-to-face networking opportunities.

How do you use social media to promote your business? Do you have other suggestions or tactics on how to manage your online networking?

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