Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Howl-o-ween!

We love Halloween at Kalico. Growing up, my family used to decorate our house as a haunted house and it was "the place" to go on October 31, the scariest one of them all! I also remember years and years of homemade costumes for me and my sister (my mom was always very creative and crafty!) Halloween was always a fun and creative holiday in our household, one that the whole family got into.

So, I love to see creative advertisers get into the Halloween spirit too. Here's a few print ads I found particularly inventive and fun:

San Francisco Zoo's "Boo in the Zoo"

These ads really caught my attention, and even after looking at them several times, they still make me smile! So simple, yet so effective!

Guinness Halloween Ads (Various)
Again, these ads definitely catch my attention and make me do a second look. The one on the far left, I had to look at twice before I got the full brilliance of it!

Various Advertisers (Pizza Hut, Heineken, M&Ms)
I think these all speak for themselves! Creative, catchy, and smart!

I hope these ads help get you in the Halloween spirit, and hopefully help to get your creative juices going as well. I wish everyone a safe and SPOOKY Halloween!

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